Blood sugar levels are important for overall health. Skipping meals is a recipe for failure on any weight loss program.

One the things that I have managed to do very well with is getting a nutritious meal even when I am totally zapped and/or out of time.

I by no means am perfect, we enjoy our fair share of drive through meals with 2 teenagers & a tween. But we always try to stock our pantry and frig with healthy options when in a hurry at home or on the go.

To get the protein I need, I try and have a batch of hard boiled eggs ready to go. They last around a week in my frig, safe and delicious. A pinch of salt & pepper & today some paprika, yum!

Costco® comes to the rescue for our busy family. All of the items I had for lunch today are staples at my house:

  • Whole grain tortilla chips from Foods Should Taste Good®.

  • Garlic Hummus from Sabra®.

  • Signature Spicy Pickle Chips from Famous Dave’s®.

  • Organic Eggs came from Costco also!