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Post Workout Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

lose weight after workout

If you’re working out you’re looking to get results right? Then make the most of your precious time by avoiding common mistakes that could sabotage your efforts.


Refueling 15 minutes after a workout is crucial, because it’s what helps you rebuild muscle after a workout. Since the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism, make sure you fit a snack combining carbs & protein into your post-workout ritual.



Sugary sports drinks can replenish electrolytes, but if you’ve just finished a short workout, the extra calories are probably unnecessary. Save the sports drinks or coconut water for intense workouts lasting more than an hour or for workouts in hot weather.



You may think of the cool down as a waste of time, but regularly skipping your post-workout stretches will put you at risk for injuries that will sideline your weight-loss progress by keeping you out of the gym.


You should pat yourself on the back for finishing this workout, but don’t let your self-congratulations get in the way of scheduling your next workout

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. You’ll only see progress if you make exercise a consistent part of your week.


Monday’s bootcamp class was so hard, so you can be forgiven for nursing your sore muscles until the start of next week, right? Not the best idea if you want to see pounds dropping on the scale. Strive for 5 x 60 minute workouts every week in order to stay on the right weight-loss track.


The workout’s done, the sweaty clothes are off, and you’ve been eyeing that piece of cake for a while. While occasional indulgences are smart — and necessary — using your workout as an excuse to help yourself to junk food is not going to get you the results you’re after, so don’t use the fact that you’ve just burned 300 calories as an excuse to indulge in twice that much.